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The Resort Naturista Grottamiranda is opened from April, 1st  to November, 15th. 

How to get to Apulia ?

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Resort Naturista Grottamiranda

Contrada Grottamiranda, s.n.

Serranova di Carovigno



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Resort close to Brindisi airport


Airports :

- Brindisi, at 17 km

- Bari, at 130 km


By road :

Along the Adriatic coast, the 4 lane State Route (SS379) allows to get to all the cities of cultural importance.


By train :

Ferrovie del Sud-Est ( The main Railway Company trains stops at the towns of Castellana Grotte, Alberobello, Martina Franca, Lecce, Gallipoli, Otranto.

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From United-Kingdom


To Brindisi Airport : 

    From London Stansted


                            From Manchester


    From London Gatwick



To Bari Airport : 

From London Gatwick : 

            From  London Stansted


                                     From Liverpool

Flights from Ireland


        From Dublin



Flights from Switzerland

from Geneva to Brindisi

from Bern to Brindisi


From Zurich to Bari : 

Flights from Luxembourg

For Bari and Brindisi

Flights from  Belgium

 From Bruxelles Charleroi

For Bari and Brindisi



Flights from Greece


     From Athens


                              From Héraklion


                              From Mykonos


                              From Santorini

Flights from Spain

To Brindisi Airport



From  Barcelone

Flights from Romania

      From Bucarest Otopeni


                            From Cluj  Napoca


                            From  Timisoara

Flights from Scandinavia and Finland

Only 1 stop to go to Bari : 


From Stockholm,


          Oslo or Helsinki



           SAS + AITALIA

Enjoy the climate of Apulia

naturist journey - Resort naturista Grottamiranda
Pleasant climate from April to November

Live the apulian climate

Characterized by a Mediterranean Climate with hot and dry summers and warm and perfumed autumns, the Region is perfect for sunny naturist journeys from April the 1st to the half of November.

Feasts and Festivals  : enjoy Apulia all the year ...

From January to December, there are plenty of events to discover. You have a very full agenda throughout the Region…

To plan your Naturist journeys here are the most interesting events. 



The most spectacular Carnival Feast takes place in Putignano, that’s the most ancient Carnival in the world. 


The festivities of the Holy Week which take place in Taranto are renowned as the most fascinating rites of southern Italy. 


- Russians, Belarusians, Ukrainians, as well as the citizens of Bari, meet from May 7th to may 9th, in Bari to worship of St. Nicholas’ relics and above all his “manna”.


- At Gargano International Music Festival you may listen to music from around the world, country, hip-hop as well as folk music. It takes place near Rodi Garganico and Vico del Gargano..


Valle D’Itria Festival: For more than 40 years the Valle D’Itria Festival has renowned as the most important appointments of the national music landscape as for classic music, jazz as well as opera. 

Have a nice naturist journey !


Contrada Grottamiranda (snc)

Serranova di Carovigno

72012 Carovigno (BR)





From April, 1st  to November, 15th 




Mon-Sat :   10am - 19:30pm

Sunday   :   10am - 19:00pm

00 33 6 67 27 18 65

00 33 6 75 98 52 23






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