Naturist activities for young people....

A unique place...

The site owes its name to its natural environment.

"Grottamiranda"" is due to the presence of 3 caves limestones of beautiful importance. In remote time, the Sea dug beautiful pits which became real natural houses. The one served as grain loft, other one of the house was equipped with a fire-place. 


What of better to go to make some physical exercises, close to a natural Cave.


Games in the nature for all ...


Naturism is a way to live in harmony with nature with the objective to favour the respect of ourselves, of others and of the environment as well as to increase awareness to our guests of all ages. 


Our Resort welcomes with pleasure families with kids and adolescents. We are here to offer a friendly and family atmosphere.


Kids are always under their parents’ guardianship and responsibility. Parents must assure that games are delivered on time. Naturist activities may be numerous.


Bicycle in an authentic nature

The lovers of “cycling” may spend a day outdoors discovering the countryside by bicycle.


Rent your own bicycle and begin a unique adventure and experience !

Discover other naturist activities ...

Trampoline, Table-tennis, giant chessboard ...

Lots of game-areas are available at the Resort and free access is available for all guests.


You may play Table-Tennis under the trees, enjoy the trampoline or play chess with the parents in the sunshine or under the shade of our magnificent trees. 


Wooden games in the countryside

At the Resort Naturista Grottamiranda, nature is all around and allows kids to enjoy a green and luxurious countryside safely. Naturist activities may be numerous.


Coloured balls, Molkki, Mikado, puzzles, board games are available to everyone.