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 5 reasons to live your holidays differently : 


You are tempted by naturist holidays but you don’t know whether they are really made for you. The Naturist Resort Grottamiranda shares with you 5 good reasons to succumb to this way of life…


Naturism and its definition

To define naturism properly, here’s the definition that was provided at the Naturism International Congress which took place at Agde in 1974: << naturism is a way of life in harmony with nature and is characterized by the practice of nudity in common aiming at respecting one’s self, other people and the environment. >>

Therefore, naturism is a set of values which consists of living in harmony with nature and with one’s self.

If you think that naturist summer holidays are just to avoid tan lines in order to have a perfect caramel-colour tanning, let us say that this representation is totally superficial. Naturism is a state of mind, a way of life in harmony with nature.





Good reasons to live your holidays in naturist resorts :


1.     A naturist try will allow you to find a better contact with NATURE. Get in touch with natural elements taking a break from factory invasions. You may have that try at naturist summer resorts that are located for the most part in nature, into the water thanks to a naturist beach as well as in the countryside with the possibility to a take a stroll completely naked.


2.     This experience will teach you to both respect one’s self and others as well as tolerance of differences. Actually, being naked in a group gives the possibility to break free from one’s complexes and prejudices accepting one’s defects. In other words, by trying naturist holidays, getting in touch with other practitioners, you will lose the automatism of judging other people, no matter what morphologies they have.


3.     Among naturist practitioners, clothing is a measure of membership to a social class. Therefore, getting free from one’s clothes in a resort dedicated to the practice of naturism is a way to open one’s self to others without masks or artifices avoiding every kind of social judgement that might be made unconsciously.


4.     Naturism will give you a sensation of well-being. Actually, our skin is the very first detector of external sensations. To get it free from blocks that are represented by clothes, will give you a better sensation and consequently a feeling of well-being. Therefore, naturism has its own physical virtues to try.



5.     By choosing naturist resorts, you will help the environment, our human and natural heritage. choosing complete nudity has an ecological advantage because you will have less clothes to wash, consequently less pollutants to use. Thanks to these simple habits which accompany naturism, you will help to protect ecology. 

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