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Italy is one of the best destinations in Europe for naturist tourists. Actually, its mild and warm weather as well as the natural beauty of its places are the main assets of the country. Located in the Puglia region and among nature reserves, our Naturist Resort Grottamiranda, gives you the possibility to LIVE NAKED in harmony with nature and according to the fundamental principles of Naturism.


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Family naturism: more than a practice, a way of life!

Naturism is not limited to the fact of living naked, this is all a philosophy founded on the respect for certain values, that is freedom and respect of nature, of other people and of one’s self as well. After all, that’s why we often live naturism in the family.


Naturism, for the freedom to live naked:

The basis of the naturist philosophy is to live its human nature. Far from the notion of prohibition imposed by our society, you may enjoy the freedom of your body without constraints.

A naturist resort gives you the possibility to express yourself freely as well as to live your naturism through all the activities of daily life.


Naturism, for a life in communion with nature:


To be a naturist being, it’s to live in harmony with nature, it’s to re-connect one’s self with natural elements such as water, air.  We have lost the faculty of communicating to our fellow human beings, the earth, plants and animals as well. To be a naturist being means to re-connect one’s self with the rest of the creation. 


Naturism in the Italian style


To be  naturist  takes its deep meaning in Italy. There, where the Dolce Vita was born, enhancing its prestige. Naturism in Italy and more precisely at the Naturist Resort Grottamiranda in the Puglia region, is an appeal to relax and to plenty of activities.


·      Italian naturism for the love of the region


Puglia is an authentic region which combines natural beauty with cultural wealth, a meeting point between the Ionian Sea and the Adriatic Sea that evokes a big part of the history of the South of Italy. The lovers of the sea have plenty of opportunities thanks to its clear and transparent water. The charm of the region has its roots in its cliffs as well as hills as far as the eye can see!


·      Italian naturism for activities and relax : living naked


Italian naturism is linked to every kind of activity: in the heart of nature, you may practice sports in the family, enjoy the seawater on the beach with your naturist fellows or go to the swimming-pool together. At our Naturist Resort Grottamiranda many activities are at your pleasure to enjoy your naturist sojourn at best.

Many places are arranged for your pleasure as well.


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  • #1

    Peter (jeudi, 12 décembre 2019 09:25)

    I have actually never tried naturism in Italy - I have been many places around the world and been at naturist on many of the locations. But never in Italy - it looks really nice

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  • #2

    Peter (jeudi, 12 décembre 2019 09:27)

    I have actually never tried naturism in Italy - I have been many places around the world and been at naturist on many of the locations. But never in Italy - it looks really nice



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